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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Funday

     So my original plan today was to blog since I had the day off but, last night a girl I work with had a family medical emergency and asked if I could work for her. Of course I did because I like the extra money plus you gotta help a girl out! So I went in at 5:30 and worked till 1.. not that bad....I was still able to have the afternoon and evening free!

     But Happy 2013! I have to admit I have not come up with a new years resolution. I think i'm leaning towards eating healthier and running more races this year since I missed a lot of my favorite ones last year. Plus some of the family favorite cookie recipes i'm about to share with you has allowed me to gain an extra 15!!!!! pounds this winter. 

     Another thing that I want to start doing more of is...(but be smart about my choices) I wanna start using more of my resources and and finding bargain's on things that Ryan and I can buy to use or put in our home or maybe even just get for ourselves... whether it be checking out little home town stores (supporting small business) or going to the spring and fall garage sales. My newest addiction right now is on Facebook I have 3 local towns around me that have started a sort of called swap and shop pages!!! There can be some real steals on there too!!! I've began to sell and buy stuff myself! There are some people that have had some bad experiences with it but I haven't had my share yet but I find it convenient and addicting to look at! So in your search bar just type in your local towns name ex.. DeWitt local online swap and shop and garage sales... join the page and wahlaa and if you can't find one or know of one maybe you can be the first in your area to start one!

     My mother and I made chocolate chip cookies, almond covered pretzels kringle cookies, oreo balls, Almond bark candy and chex mix this season! I don't have the Kringle cookie recipe on me so if you want it leave me a comment and I can most defiantly post it! We made those this year because my mother and I use to work in a nursing home and there was a resident there that was from Germany and he loved kringles. They are actually a pretty good cookie. In my own opinion its kind of like eating sour cream bread dough but in a form of a cookie! A true german cookie!

Almond Bark Candy (MY FAV <3)
What you will need:
2lbs. Almond bark
2c. miniature Marshmallows
2c. Dry roasted peanuts
1c. Peanut Butter
3c. Rice Krispies

What to do: Melt the almond bark in 200 degree oven. Add the remaining ingredients and then drop them on some wax paper and cool. We set our's outside on the deck to cool off!

I'm always looking for comments good or bad about my blog please feel free :)


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