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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall Is Here!

Its pretty much fall time to me and I love fall! My fall classes have begun, the pumpkin spice latte's are here, I can bust all my hoodies out of my closet, My fall shows such as, greys anatomy and vampire diaries will be on! and lastly of course the cooler running weather which has always been my favorite! So speaking of running I found this great work out schedule that is working great for me and keeping my body in shape and I'm posting to share it. This one makes me feel great! I also plan to use this into the winter season. I found this reading through the Outside Magazine.

Remember with every workout to warm up and cool down at an easy pace for about 5-10 minutes! Also they also added that through weeks 2-5 to add a 1/2 mile to each weeks run and 1-2 more intervals per session.

     Another great thing I have found that the article talked about was how you can find music that will match your pace and you can naturally quicken your pace if the tunes are 180 beats per minute. I've already added a number of songs to my running playlist from this site so check it out Here! you can even create your own play list there as well.
 Lastly but not least september brings on a challenge I found and its the squatseptember challenge! I found it on a fitness blog one day and was thinking, "yea i can do that". Although september has already started you can always join in and finish a few days later. In October I will post my before and After photos to see just how big a difference there was. 

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